Flinders Legal Centre’s Small Business Clinic is staffed by law students under the supervision of qualified legal practitioners (primarily Flinders Law staff).

This legal service is a general clinic with a focus on business-related issues and can provide legal information and advice in relation to matters where the financial amount in dispute is not more than $12,000.

If you are involved in a dispute we can help you with:

  • Options for resolving your dispute;
  • Things you might have to do before lodging a claim  with the Court;
  • Preparing court documents;
  • Explaining Court procedures;
  • Referring you to other relevant agencies; or
  • Managing your own claim.

We do not:

  • Take over management of your claim for you; or
  • Act as your lawyer or represent you in Court.

Our Clinic is a free service.  You do not need to pay for appointments with us.  We do not pay any costs associated with litigation or other processes.  This means that you must pay for any of your own costs, including Court filing fees and costs of obtaining evidence or preparing for hearing.

All information that you provide to our Clinic is treated confidentially.

The Small Business Clinic operates on Tuesdays with interviews taking place at two locations.  All appointments can be booked on this website.

  • Metro:
    This clinic operates fortnightly on a Tuesday morning at the Flinders at Tonsley building located at Level 2, 1284 South Road, Tonsley near Gate 1 entering from Tonsley Boulevard (Reference C7 on the Site Map).
    There is ample free parking at Tonsley including dedicated disability parking. Various Metro buses service the venue and there is a dedicated shuttle bus service from the Flinders Bedford Park campus. Bus stop 25 on South Road and stops 27 or 27A on Bradley Grove provide easy access. The Clovelly Park stop on the Tonsley line is located at the rear of the Tonsley Park precinct.
    This Clinic is open to any member of the community however priority will be given to those with a business related issue and to Flinders University students.
  • Limestone Coast:
    We held a one-off clinic on the morning of Tuesday, 16 April 2019 at the Limestone Coast Community Justice Centre located at 8a Commercial Street West, Mount Gambier.
    We will update this website with more information if another clinic in Mt Gambier is organised. In the meantime only Metro will be available for interviews.

Appointments take 45 minutes.  You can make more than one appointment at our Metro clinic if you need to.

If you are unable to attend on a Tuesday, we suggest you make an appointment at one of our generalist clinics. Please click here if you would like more information on our generalist clinics.

You can make an appointment using our online booking calendar, or alternatively:

  • you can call our voicemail-only telephone service on (08) 7421 9985 and leave your name, contact details and a brief description of the matter; or
  • you can request an appointment by sending us an email (see address below)

If you have any queries about the terms of use of our clinic please contact us by email at

We can only give legal advice once we have met with you.  Please do not seek legal advice by email before you have made an appointment.

If you wish to use our services, CLICK HERE to make an appointment.